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The Unbearable Lightness of Self-Publishing

Some blogger somewhere wrote that it’s less stressful going the indie route because “you don’t have any hard deadlines.” No, they weren’t being sarcastic. They meant it as a good thing. Let me tell you this: it ain’t.

Well, not for someone like me.

Setting off bombs

Not having hard deadlines makes me procrastinate. And procrastinate. And procrastinate. I’m like a bulldozer that just keeps going, making a bigger and bigger mound of should-haves in front of me. I need solid, do-or-die deadlines to be efficient. I do my best work in a crunch, when it’s only hours or minutes left before the bomb goes off. With no bombs going off, I turn into The Dude.

Yeah, well… that’s just like, my opinion, man.

No bitterness... no, really

I’ve been writing unsuccessfully for more than 25 years. There’s no bitterness there, because the things I’ve learned during that time have been invaluable. Nothing I probably couldn’t have gotten from a creative writing class or two, but still. I made a choice not to make a choice when I was younger, and it is what it is. I think I’m a decent writer now, and the glacial pace with which I’ve acquired my proficiency is simply not a problem (anymore.)

My point here is: deadlines and speed don't belong in the same equation. Deadlines and efficiency do. Right now, I’m getting up to speed on self-publishing, and it will take the time it takes. As long as I'm being efficient while doing what I need to do, it's okay. (But I really could do with a nice, brick wall deadline.)

What is mind, no matter - what is matter, never mind

On a more positive note, I read another blogger who outlined exactly what does and does not matter when it comes to marketing books. One of the things that don’t really matter until you have a minor catalogue of books is organic content in social media. Which is a relief. I’ve worked professionally with social media for almost a decade, and I can tell you: it does not foster great communication. It fosters frustration, annoyance, and deprecation of the self.

This, à propos, is my favorite meme. Okay, maybe I’m a little bitter but at least not about my writing.

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